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Frequently Asked Questions
Cape York
Tropical North Queensland

Fitness Level; Do I need to be fit to come on the trip?
You do not need to be overly fit to come on this trip. Throughout the trip we will be hopping in and out of the bus to check out places and walking short distances; but nothing too extreme. The most difficult walks/treks are:

To the Tip where you have 2 options:
Option 1: easier beach front walk with a rocky ending at the Tip. This is the easy and short walk for those who struggle with incline. Note: This walk depends on tide, it is usually low when we get there but best to hurry back before tide rises.

Option 2: harder walk over rocky headland with incline. Is possible to do if you take your time. Recommended if you want to take photographs; you get the whole view from up top. Takes longer than beach front, 15 – 20 minute walk.

Split Rock: will be a self-guided Medium Level Hike with an inclined rocky walk. Some areas have rails for assistance but other areas don’t. Feel free to bring along a walking stick for extra help. You do not have to do this walk if you do not feel comfortable.

Walking sticks may be handy so feel free to bring one along. You have the choice if you want to participate in these treks. We do however, try to encourage everyone to make it to the Tip!

Luggage; Do I have a luggage limit?
Please keep in mind that we will be sharing luggage space with 16 people along with all our equipment including: mattresses, sleeping bags, chairs, fridges, tents etc so yes, we have LIMITED SPACE for luggage.

Please restrict your luggage as much as possible and bring only the essentials. Couples are advised to share luggage. As a guidance:

Single travellers; 1 x small OR medium bag: cabin size/carry-on bag; Height: 56cm-60cm, Width: 36cm-40cm, Depth: 23cm-27cm

Couples; 1 x medium OR large bag: Height: 56cm-64cm, Width: 40cm-64cm, Depth: 27-35cm

Booking flights; When should I book my arrival & return flights?
We encourage everyone to book flights/transport closer to the date of departure as weather and other unpredictable events out of our control can have an affect on operation.

In case of flight/transport delays, it is highly recommended to book flights/transport to arrive in Tully/Cairns at least the day before we depart. This will give you enough time to get to the pick up locations in case of any delays.

In case of any unexpected situations which may occur on our way home (e.g break downs), it is highly recommended to book flights/transport to depart Tully/Cairns at least the day after we return home. This will give you enough time to catch your transport home in case of any delays on trip.

Pick Up; Where do we get picked up and dropped off?
You must confirm your pick up location with us. Please be out the front with all luggage on pick up. Please be at one of the following locations:

Cairns Rainbow Resort: Back Entrance – 158 Mcleod St, Cairns North, QLD 4870
Cairns Southside International Resort: Front – 456 Mulgrave Road, Cairns City, QLD 4870
It will be best for you to stay at these locations.

Tully & El Arish
Tully Bus Stop – right next to the Gold Gumboot as you enter town
Diggers Creek Motel – 6 Bruce Hwy, El Arish QLD 4855

Vehicle; Where can I leave my vehicle?

Tully & El Arish
Get in contact with us for more info.

There are a number of caravan parks located in Cairns. Please consider our pick up locations as you will need to meet us here for departure.

Accommodation; Where is the best place to stay?
Recommended locations to stay where you will not have to travel far for pick-up:

Cairns Rainbow Resort; Price starts from $85, 179 Sheridan St, Cairns City QLD 4870
www.cairnsrainbowresort.com.au | (07) 4051 1022

Cairns Southside International; Price starts from $79, 450 Mulgrave Rd, Cairns City QLD 4870
www.cairnssouthsideinternational.com.au | (07) 4033 7722

Cairns Holiday Park; 12-30 Little Street Cairns QLD 4870
www.escape2holidayparks.com.au/cairns/ | 1800 259 977

Tully & El Arish
Greenway Caravan Park, 1 Murray St, Tully QLD 4854
www.greenwaycaravanpark.com.au | (07) 4068 2055

Diggers Creek Motel, 6 Bruce Hwy, El Arish QLD 4855
http://www.diggerscreek.com.au | 0447 977 389

Departure and Arrival; What time will we depart and arrive home?
Departure times will be confirmed before day of departure. Usually we will depart Tully around 8:00AM* depending on pick up locations. Cairns arrival time is estimated between 10:00AM – 11:00AM* again, depending on locations and road works. Ensure you have your mobile with you as we will be in touch.

Arrival home depends on how we are going with time on the day. Usually we will arrive home early afternoon.

Alcohol Restrictions; Are there some places we cannot take alcohol?
Alcohol Restrictions are in place for some Aboriginal Communities in Cape York. We will be affected once we hit the Northern Peninsular Area (Includes Bamaga, Injinoo, New Mapoon, Seisia and Umagico) where there is a limit we can carry on board. The below restrictions are per vehicle, despite how many people on board.

The maximum amount of alcohol a person can have in the restricted area is:

2 litres of wine (unfortified) and 11.25 litres (1 carton of 30 x 375ml cans) of any strength beer
2 litres of wine (unfortified) and 9 litres (1 carton of 24 x 375ml cans) of premixed spirits of up to 5.5% alcohol/volume.

This amount is per person on foot, or per vehicle, boat or aircraft regardless of the number of people in it. However, the Loyalty Beach, New Mapoon and Seisia Camping Grounds are designated wet areas. Registered guests of these camping grounds are permitted to drink alcohol in accordance with the carriage limit.

We hope that everyone respects the rules as we are responsible for what is carried on board. We could be fined up to $45,000.

Food & drinks; Can I bring my own food and drinks?
Yes but please limit yourself. We have an Esky on on board to share between everyone. Everyone on board has the responsibility to keep the Esky clean, share space and take turns in buying ice for your goodies. This Esky will be used for your own food and drinks.

No food & drinks are to be put in our fridges or storage area as we have no extra space.

Food on trip; What will be eating for breakfast, lunch & dinner?

Breakfast: fresh fruit, cereals, toast and try to mix up some specials when we have relaxed mornings.

Morning tea: we try to add any as many morning tea stops/breaks as we can to make our trips more relaxed and enjoyable. This gives are a good chance to get out and stretch our legs. Of course, this depends on the timing of the day and how much driving we have to do.

Lunch & snacks: fruit, salad, wraps and any leftovers we have from the night before. Snacks throughout the day provided.

Dinner: camping meals to cater for large groups of people. To be able to work with our conditions of being in a rural area with limited access to food, we stick to group meals like: pastas, stews, rice meals, soups etc.

Some meals will be Buy Your Own (B.Y.O). These days are stated clearly in the itineraries.

Unfortunately we cannot cater for food “preferences” – only allergies. Please make sure you tell us if you have any allergies.

Deposit refund; Do I get a refund of my deposit if I cancel my booking?

Please head to our booking Terms & Conditions for updated policy.

Pet sitter; I need someone to sit my pet?
Usually we have someone local (Tully/El Arish) who can sit your pet. Please contact us for more details.
If you are staying in Cairns, there are a number pet minders you can search for.

Final payment; When is my final payment due?

Final payment is due 60 days before departure date. You will be emailed an invoice with our details listed.

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